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A Message to High School Seniors

As a senior now, I look back at my time spent at Ave Maria University with gratitude in

the realization of the abundant graces Our Lord has given me in order to grow in love and

friendship. As a senior in high school, I could have never expected what was to come in the next four years of my life: the friendships, the joys, the adventures but also the sufferings, trials, and painful opportunities for growth in virtue.

The truth is, no matter how much we discern, we never truly know what the Lord has in store for our futures, and indeed, we’re even commanded to not worry about what is to come. What we can rest in, however, is the knowledge that, when we surrender all of ourselves and our futures to Jesus, all be worked out unto good. So, my message to a high school senior preparing to head off to a Catholic university is simple: prepare for one of the first greatest adventures of your life.

Every college admissions department in the world will guarantee that your life will be

changed if you attend their institution. And sure, any college will provide you opportunities for

friendship, growth, and career assistance. However, authentically Catholic universities

(specifically the ones listed on our approved list of schools) provide an experience that goes

above and beyond the normative college experience.

Of course, you’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded, pious young people who love the Lord and want to serve His Church. More importantly, however, by being immersed in the ever ancient, ever new traditions of the liberal arts, the young person is set free to live a genuinely happy life. Through the study of theology, philosophy, and other disciplines, students are intellectually formed to pursue the Truth above all.

Through the sacramental life, virtuous friendships, and hard work, students are formed to lovingly embrace the Good in the midst of the thousands of counterfeits offered by secular society. In short, life at an authentically Catholic university will make you fully human in the noblest of respects. It will give you the foundation necessary to make the entirety of your life a beautiful edifice for the Lord whose inestimable graces will perfect you. Truly, you will be offered the way to life in abundance.

Matthew Uzdavinis

Manager of Development

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