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Introducing our Partners

The Saint Robert Bellarmine Fund is proud to be working with The Cardinal Newman Society to provide aid for Catholic students across the nation. 


What is the Cardinal Newman Society Guide? 

The Newman Guide is a compiled list of every higher education institution which the Cardinal Newman Society, by its own standards of competent Catholic education, has deemed to be an authentic and faithful Catholic school. The schools on the Newman Guide hold firm to Catholic truth in all disciplines. Attending a school on the Newman Guide guarantees both students and families that each attendee will receive an outstanding Catholic formation and education that is rooted in Catholic doctrine, steadfast in Catholic morality, and nourished by a Catholic sacramental life.

The Saint Robert Bellarmine Fund (SRBF) wishes to assist the Cardinal Newman Society, whose mission is “promoting and defending faithful Catholic education,” in making such an authentically Catholic college/university formation more affordable. Founded in 1993 by Patrick Reilly, the Newman Society serves the needs of Catholic educators and families by “(1) advocating and supporting fidelity to the teaching of the Catholic Church across all levels and methods of Catholic education, (2) identifying and promoting clear standards of Catholic identity and best practices in Catholic education, and (3) recognizing exemplary Catholic educators and institutions committed to truth and the integral formation of their students.” The SRBF relies almost exclusively upon the Newman Society’s list of recommended colleges, commonly known as the Newman Guide, to determine whether or not an institution is faithfully Catholic. For this reason, with exceptions only for Catholic trade schools, the SRBF only provides financial assistance to American high school students who are planning to attend a college/university that is listed on the Newman Guide and in the United States.

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