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St. Robert Bellarmine

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Charity is that with which no man is lost and without which no man is saved

St. Robert Bellarmine is a doctor and saint of the Catholic Church. Born in 1542, he went on to become a professor of theology and later the rector at what has now become the Pontifical Gregorian University. We strive to serve the Church as he did by providing the faithful a means of attaining a genuinely Catholic education experience. Every year, we grant ten scholarships to students who demonstrate both merit and need and who also desire to attend one of the colleges on the St. Robert Bellarmine Fund's website.


Manager of Outreach

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Program Director


Manager of Development

Matthew Uzdavinis

Justin Bailey

Andres Donovan

The St. Robert Bellarmine Fund was founded by and is currently handled by Justin Bailey, Andres Donovan, and Matthew Uzdavinis. This band of brothers first began their acquaintance in the halls and classrooms of Jesuit High School in Tampa, Florida. Having been forged in the Catholic Faith, they resolved, in December of 2021, to provide a means for the faithful to attend schools where an authentically Catholic education experience can be attained. Several months later, The St. Robert Bellarmine Fund was born, and ever since then these three young men have been doing all that they can to bring about the growth and flourishing of the fund. 

The St. Robert Bellarmine Fund is a fund that functions within The Bailey Family Foundation, whose operations are based out of Tampa, Florida. The foundation was established on May 8, 1997 by Ron Bailey to improve the

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availability and quality of post-secondary education. The St. Robert Bellarmine Fund is one of the various programs that the Bailey Family Foundation Administers. To learn more information about other Bailey Family Foundation programs or about the foundation itself please visit our main website. 

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